October 26, 2015

Zero to 6.0 in 17

Car speed is often measured by how quickly a vehicle goes from a standing start to sixty miles per hour.  EagleBank opened its doors in 1998 as a brand new community bank.  Friday, our assets exceeded $6 billion for the first time. Zero to 6.0 in just 17 years.

How did we get here?

From day one, we set out to be a different kind of bank – one where personal relationships really made a difference.  To us, a loan is about more than numbers on a pro forma.  A deposit is not just reflected in an interest rate.

To us, it’s all about the people, and putting them, and our relationship with them, first.  We’re flexible.  And involved.  And responsive.  And strong.  And trusted.  Together, the first letter of those words spell first.  And that’s our priority – putting relationships F•I•R•S•T.

Obviously, our approach is resonating with the Washington business community and with investors.  With $6 billion in assets, we stand tall among Washington area-based community banks.  Our legal lending limit is close to $120 million.  As the signs in our windows say, we’re “big enough to know how” but “small enough to know you.”  And stock analysts recognize our success as an investment.  EagleBank has been named to Sandler + O’Neill’s SmAll Stars List and KBW’s Honor Roll of Community Banks, and have been recognized by Raymond James and others.

Imagine how we can help your business and you.  Developers look to EagleBank to help turn projects that are on paper into reality and a success.  Operating businesses count on EagleBank to make them grow and thrive.  Governments depend on EagleBank to hold their funds until needed and then redeployed into job creation.  And many executives of our customers find EagleBank the right choice for their personal banking too.

How can we help you? Give us a call!  And watch the velocity at how we can respond to your needs.