March 19, 2013

We Never Left —

There Yesterday, Here Today, Here Tomorrow

You’ve probably seen the ads.  Perhaps you’ve gotten a phone call.  Some national bank is calling to say “they’re back.”  They’re back?

We never left.

In fact, in the four years since the depths of the financial crisis (2009-2012), EagleBank has made over $1.2 billion in new loans.  That’s an average compounded increase of 18% annually.  Put another way, we basically doubled our loan portfolio in just four years!  Our loan covenants are reasonable; we are flexible when your changes arise.  Most importantly, when you need an answer, you get one quickly.

On December 31, 2012, we held $2.5 billion in loans.  We’re Washington’s number one community bank for making SBA loans.  You’ll see our signs throughout the area at construction sites.  And plenty of businesses, contractors and restaurants are powered by EagleBank.  Our average commercial real estate loan is about $1.8 million and our average business loan is under $600,000.

We’re a community bank that never lost sight of its mission, or its abilities.  Metro Washington is not some “market” to us.  It’s our hometown, our backyard, our community.  We didn’t abandon it when times were tough.  We doubled down and lent to our neighbors – small businesses and real estate projects all around our community.  And throughout, we have maintained our credit quality.

At EagleBank, we view it as our responsibility to provide the capital needed for the start-up businesses in our community, as well as the capital needed for businesses to grow.

If you want a bank that not only offers the plain vanilla loan, but also the rocky road loan, you want EagleBank.  If you want a bank that is with you not just in the good times, but in the rocky times, you want EagleBank.

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you.  We don’t turn the spigot on and off.  EagleBank is Flexible. Involved. Responsive. Strong. Trusted.

We put Relationships F·I·R·S·T.