October 3, 2013

The Extra Mile

Recently I wrote about our tagline, Relationships F·I·R·S·T.  The five letters in F·I·R·S·T are an acronym.  They stand for Flexible. Involved. Responsive. Strong and Trusted.  That’s how our customers describe us.

And so do our employees.  At an all-employee meeting, we asked for employees to give their own reasons why the tagline and the individual words are a match for EagleBank.

Here’s some of what I heard:


We listen, rather than just hear.

We strive to truly understand our customer’s needs and wants.

We take ownership.  We accept responsibility and are then held accountable to our customers.  We keep our customers apprised – before they even ask for a status report.

We go the extra mile…every day (weekends and holidays included).


We stop and think, rather than react by rote.

We respond promptly, whether the communication is in-person, by phone or by email.

We act with courtesy and respect, with a smile on our face, a sparkle in our voice and a spring in our step.

Our easy access to local decision-makers allows for quick answers.

We recognize that our customers – and everyone else – have a lot of choices of with whom to bank.  While we are strong enough to offer the products and safety of a regional or national bank, we’re still a community bank.  You can still call us and talk to us directly, not some 1-800 call center halfway across the country.  And that goes from the CEO all the way down.

We put Relationships F·I·R·S·T every day.