February 10, 2014

The Art of the Do-able

Guest Post by Tony Marquez, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Real Estate Lender of EagleBank

2013 confirmed that commercial real estate debt capital users appreciate the unique value that EagleBank’s commercial real estate department brings to the market.  What’s the EagleBank difference?  We’re right here. Metropolitan Washington is our backyard, so we know it intimately.  The decision makers are right here too.  No one in Pittsburgh or Charlotte or wherever is asked to approve a loan regarding a neighborhood they have never visited.  This is our hometown.

Look to EagleBank for certainty in execution.  We help get you to the closing table.  But perhaps more than anything, our differentiator is that we practice the “art of the do-able.”  There is no “one size fits all” approach.  We don’t require our borrowers to pick from a preconceived product off our loan shelf.  Instead, we sit down and bring imagination and enthusiasm to the “ask.”  Count on us for nimble decisions communicated efficiently.  Our portfolio of commercial real estate loans stands at $1.7 billion.  Our asset quality is strong.

The success enjoyed by our commercial real estate lending platform is no accident.  It comes from the top down. Our senior management is well versed in the strengths of this market.  Our credit colleagues understand and support our approach. 

For many years, the commercial real estate lending platform has been one of EagleBank’s clear differentiators in the submarkets we serve.  Much of the credit goes to the staff that makes it happen every single day…in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the country.  Customers keep returning to EagleBank for their next loan.  Most gratifying are all the new customers who switch to EagleBank for all the reasons discussed above.  With EagleBank, closing a loan isn’t the end of a process; it’s the beginning of a long-term relationship.

During 2013, we closed in excess of $500 million in new commercial real estate loans.  Here are just a few examples:

  • We provided to MRP a $65 million office construction loan in Tysons Corner just off Rte. 495.  You might have seen the building go up—and our sign—while driving on the Beltway.
  • We provided to Jerome Bailey, a long-time customer, a portfolio roll up in excess of $23 million.
  • We provided to Federal Capital Partners, a fund client, a $25 million three-year credit facility secured by various assets of the fund.

While the deals listed above are representative of the larger transactions we financed in 2013, our average loan size is still under $2 million.  As such, we continue to add great value to many borrowers on many smaller loan transactions that we find attractive.  We are very excited–and bullish–about 2014.  You’ll continue to see EagleBank signs at real estate projects throughout metropolitan Washington.

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