October 9, 2012

Relationships F·I·R·S·T

“Just Do It.”  “Oh! What a Feeling!”  “It’s the Real Thing.”  “Like a Good Neighbor…”

Businesses use taglines to create and burnish an image.  It’s been no different here at EagleBank.  Since the day we opened our doors 14 years ago, our tagline has been “We’re Listening.”  With good reason.  When the founding directors of EagleBank banded together, they committed to have EagleBank serve as a true community bank.  We are here to serve our customers, not the other way around.  We start an introductory meeting not with “Here are our products. Which one do you want?” but with “How can we help?”

Over the years, our customers have commented on how much they appreciate this attitude.  But we’ve heard plenty more from our customers.  In the last few years, as the big banks have sought to jettison customers and have increasingly relied on out-of-town decision-makers, our customers express appreciation for how “we put customers first.”

We keep hearing this over and over.  And it rings true.  We do.  At the heart of a banking relationship is just that…a relationship.  And we’re proud of the ones we build and develop with our customers, shareholders and employees.  As we enter our fifteenth year in business, we have adopted this perspective as our new tagline.

Relationships F·I·R·S·T.

The tagline stands on its own.  And yet it also says a lot more.  You see, F·I·R·S·T is an acronym.  Each letter stands for an attribute that we believe helps describe EagleBank and to distinguish us from the competition:

Flexible. Involved. Responsive. Strong. Trusted.

Flexible.  We don’t have templates.  Or one-size-fits-all approaches.  As I wrote, we start off by asking you what your needs are.  We take it from there.  We custom tailor deposit and loan relationships to fit our customers.

Involved.  We never forget that the first word in “community bank” is community.  Metro Washington is our hometown and our backyard.  We want to see our community thrive, so EagleBank supports numerous organizations.  And the EagleBank Foundation has separately raised over $1.2 million for breast cancer research.  Look for EagleBank volunteers at numerous events and meetings.

Responsive.  We try to have answers when you ask a question.  And if we don’t, we get back to you.  Promptly.  It all comes back to us having a relationship with you.  All the decision-makers are right here, so you can count on local attention.

Strong.  EagleBank is now over $3 Billion in assets.  Our capital is well above regulatory limits.  Our asset quality is solid.  We’re the largest community bank headquartered in metro Washington, and its most profitable.  And perhaps our greatest asset isn’t even on our financial statement.  It’s our employees.

Trusted.  We’ve become a go-to bank in the metro Washington area.  We made loans when others wouldn’t, and we are now as active as ever.  Our deposit rates are competitive.  We get back to you quickly and then we stand by what we say.

And unlike Nike, Toyota and alike, our tagline is not just some advertising verbiage. It’s our pledge to you. All of us at EagleBank are committed to putting Relationships First and to the values of being flexible, involved, responsive, strong and trusted.

I hope that as you’ve been reading this post, you’ve been nodding your head. That your experience matches what others have been telling us. In a world of 1-800 numbers and decisions being made hundreds of miles away, we still put

Relationships F·I·R·S·T.