March 3, 2016

Mason Students Urged to Become Leaders

Last night, I spoke before an audience of George Mason University’s School of Business, at the EagleBank Arena, as part of the Brown & Brown Distinguished Speaker Series. My topic was “Leadership:The Key to Making a Difference in Business and in Life.” In my prepared remarks, I urged students and graduates to become leaders, at their place of work, their place of worship and in the community. I then spent 45 minutes answering audience questions, which ranged from “How do you overcome fear when trying to succeed at something new?” to “What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?” to “What is EagleBank’s differentiator among local banks?” Good questions! As part of EagleBank’s support relationship with…Read More >

December 17, 2015

Fraud Alert!

Recently I wrote about the increasing prevalence of “business email compromise.” That’s when an email appears to come from a company executive directing a wire transfer to be made, but in fact it is fraudulent. EagleBank just published a brochure with good information describing various types of fraudulent efforts, ways you can reduce the risk of it happening to your company and more. I’m pleased to attach it. Be alert and proactive!

December 3, 2015

Ron Paul Testifies Before Federal Reserve and FDIC

Yesterday I had the privilege of testifying before approximately 100 people associated with the Federal Reserve and the FDIC. I chose to focus my comments on two issues of particular importance to community banks. One relates to recent rules (commonly called Basel III) that require additional capital to be maintained at the bank to cover what are viewed by regulators as “high volatility commercial real estate loans.” Categorizing loans as such increases the cost to the bank of making these types of construction loans – and therefore either increases the cost to the borrower or diminishes the bank’s interest in making them. EagleBank has clearly demonstrated that loans can be made and monitored prudently. Accordingly, these loans are not “one…Read More >

November 27, 2015

Shop Local. Dine Local. Think Local.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, enjoying it with those who are special to you, and pausing to give thanks for all we are thankful for. Today, you may be hitting the malls, or at work or just relaxing again with family. Tomorrow, I urge you to shop at your local merchants. It’s Small Business Saturday, and it is most meaningful for all of us to support our area’s local small businesses. For they are the backbone of our area economy. That’s right. Generally speaking, small businesses are the job creators and fuel the engine of economic growth. Not only do small businesses employ local residents, but they give back to our community. That’s because for every $100 spent…Read More >

November 18, 2015

Tip-Off to a Great Relationship

In May, I wrote about how EagleBank and George Mason University formed a major strategic alliance.  The Bank gave $6.5 million to the University over ten years.  It most visible effect is the renaming of the Patriot Center to EagleBank Arena. But the more important effects are not as visible: scholarships, internships, guest speaking in classes and mentoring, for example.  Last Friday, this year’s five EagleBank scholarship recipients came to the EagleBank offices in Bethesda to meet with members of senior management. We got to know each other, learning about each of their passions and introducing them to community banking the EagleBank way.  We also discussed entrepreneurship and leadership development, and the importance of giving back to the community. Then,…Read More >

October 26, 2015

Zero to 6.0 in 17

Car speed is often measured by how quickly a vehicle goes from a standing start to sixty miles per hour.  EagleBank opened its doors in 1998 as a brand new community bank.  Friday, our assets exceeded $6 billion for the first time. Zero to 6.0 in just 17 years. How did we get here? From day one, we set out to be a different kind of bank – one where personal relationships really made a difference.  To us, a loan is about more than numbers on a pro forma.  A deposit is not just reflected in an interest rate. To us, it’s all about the people, and putting them, and our relationship with them, first.  We’re flexible.  And involved.  And…Read More >

September 21, 2015

Beware the Counterfeit Email

Recently, I had a conversation with EagleBank EVP/Director of Operations Chris Brockett that resonated with me. Chris accepted my invitation to write a guest post for my blog about it. People often ask me “as a banker, what keeps you up at night?”  One major concern: cyber threats.  Count on cybercriminals, probably our biggest cyber threat, to always try to be one step ahead. At EagleBank, we take the need for cybersecurity very seriously.  It demands much of our time and effort, to ensure that our systems, your information – and your dollars – are as safe as they can be.  In a future blog post, I’ll write about various programs we have in place. But the bank, on more…Read More >

May 7, 2015

New Long-Term Alliance with George Mason University

This morning, EagleBank and George Mason University announced a landmark public-private alliance.  The relationship includes scholarships, internships, academic support and athletics support.  As a result of this relationship, the Patriot Center is being renamed the EagleBank Arena. Here are the remarks I made at this morning’s press conference. How appropriate it is that Patriots are joining forces with an eagle!  This is a quintessentially American partnership, with the public and private sectors coming together to advance the common good. George Mason University and EagleBank have much in common.  We’ve both been very strong performers in our relatively short lifespans.  Mason has been serving students for only four decades and it is already one of the finest universities in the region.…Read More >

February 11, 2015

Have you ever seen a baby eagle hatch?

This Berry College live cam is focused on an eagle’s nest in GA; projected hatching of the two eggs is any day now.  You can drop in and watch 24/7. Click here:

February 9, 2015

Yes we can: Embrace regional cooperation

The metropolitan Washington, DC metropolitan area is uniquely situated, spreading across three different jurisdictions.  It’s easy to be parochial and put your state (or the District) first.  For us to maximize our regional potential, however, we must embrace regional cooperation.  For if we act as one, the sum will clearly be greater than the parts.  I address this issue in this week’s Washington Business Journal. Guest Comment, Washington Business Journal, February 6, 2015 Edition

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