May 7, 2015

New Long-Term Alliance with George Mason University

This morning, EagleBank and George Mason University announced a landmark public-private alliance.  The relationship includes scholarships, internships, academic support and athletics support.  As a result of this relationship, the Patriot Center is being renamed the EagleBank Arena.

KQ_EagleBank_GMU_Channel_MockDay_V2Here are the remarks I made at this morning’s press conference.

How appropriate it is that Patriots are joining forces with an eagle!  This is a quintessentially American partnership, with the public and private sectors coming together to advance the common good.

George Mason University and EagleBank have much in common.  We’ve both been very strong performers in our relatively short lifespans.  Mason has been serving students for only four decades and it is already one of the finest universities in the region.  Similarly, EagleBank only started operating in 1998, and we have become the largest community bank headquartered in the Washington area.

Mason and EagleBank also share a vision and commitment to public service, with a strong dedication to educating our youth and strengthening the local economy.

EagleBank is here for Mason…academically and financially, on campus and off, and in name and in deed.  Our partnership will bring EagleBankers to the classroom, sharing our knowledge and experience.  We’ll be lecturing to large groups and mentoring one on one.  Mason students will be able to come to EagleBank and be exposed to Finance.  All of these programs will emphasize executive leadership development.  And graduating seniors and alumni will find job opportunities at our corporate offices and branches.

At EagleBank, we never forget that community is the first word in community bank.  Our loans to small businesses help fuel the engine of job growth in the local community.  I remember when two young women came to us wanting to start a bakery and were striking out with banks.  We saw the potential.  Today, Georgetown Cupcake is a household name.  And theirs is but one of a slew of similar stories and successes.

We support local organizations small and large, from arts cooperatives to hospitals.  The EagleBank Foundation has donated over $2 million to research and patient support regarding breast cancer.  And now, EagleBank makes its largest commitment of time and of dollars to Virginia’s largest public university.

EagleBank is proud to team up with the Mason Patriots.  Our support extends to athletics and this building.  As an emblem of our support, we are honored to have our name on campus, as a constant reminder of the alliance between two great institutions, here at the EagleBank Arena.

Over half a million students and visitors come to this arena each year, for basketball games, concerts and graduation ceremonies. It is a gathering point for the entire region.  We look forward to all who pass through these turnstiles being part of this great Mason community.

We are all in for Mason.  Today is only the beginning of a relationship that will benefit both of our institutions, and the community we serve.