June 12, 2014

EagleBank Presents the Bisnow Morning Brief

If you’re like me, each afternoon I go to my email inbox and open up the Bisnow Real Estate Newsletter for the DC area and learn what’s going on.  The e-newsletter reports on interesting deals, interesting events and interesting people.

EagleBank is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Bisnow to create another newsletter that will arrive in inboxes each morning.  It will be just as current and compelling. EagleBank presents the Bisnow Morning Brief: a daily collection of “ripped from the headlines” Washington area real estate headlines, each linking you to the full story from a wide array of news sources, all online, all at your fingertips.

Join EagleBank on keeping your finger on the pulse of the DC area real estate market.  The biggest and most exciting deals – under contract, at closing, leased up or financed up.  Buildings getting ready for redevelopment or coming down.  And people on the way up.

EagleBank is the exclusive sponsor of this new must-read.  As a result, it’s free to you.  Each morning, boot up your computer, get your cup of coffee and get caught up on what’s happened since yesterday.  EagleBank is the largest commercial real estate lender among area community banks.  Now you can be in the loop on what’s developing, just as we are.

If you’re an afternoon Bisnow Real Estate (DC) newsletter subscriber, your inbox has this morning’s inaugural Morning Brief already waiting for you.  If not, click http://www.bisnow.com/eagle-bank/ to subscribe. You’ll find Bisnow never boring.  And you’ll find EagleBank on top of the DC area’s real estate.