November 13, 2014

EagleBank and Virginia Heritage Bank: We Are One

It is with much enthusiasm that we welcome Virginia Heritage Bank customers and shareholders to the EagleBank family.

What a combination of two great banks!  We are now over $5 billion in assets, the largest of any community bank headquartered in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  In our market, we have the largest deposit market share, the largest stock market capitalization and the highest level of profits of any community bank.

What does this mean for you?  Whether already a customer of EagleBank or new to us, you will now have the convenience of banking with us through over 20 branches located in and around the Capital Beltway.  As a result of the merger and increased capital strength, our legal lending limit is now close to $90 million.  But please don’t think of us as only a big lender.  Our average loan to operating businesses is less than $600,000. Our average loan secured by real estate is only $1.8 million.  As a result of the merger, our loan portfolio is more evenly balanced among Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia.  We truly are a community bank for the entire Washington, DC
metropolitan area.

We are headquartered right here.  This is our hometown and our backyard.  We know it inside and out, the way no bank from out of town can ever pretend.

That also means the decision makers are right here.  You’ll never talk to a 1-800 number from somewhere else in the country (or the world).

For our shareholders, Eagle Bancorp, Inc. represents ownership in the area’s leading community bank.  Our performance speaks for itself.  Our return on assets is 1.36%. Our return on average common equity is 14.33%.  Our market capitalization is approximately $1.1 billion.  Our stock performance over the last five years through September 30, 2014 reflects a 53% annual average increase.

But most importantly, our commitment to our community has never changed and will never change.

We are very excited about the blending of these two banks, particularly because the culture and philosophy of Virginia Heritage Bank and EagleBank have been so similar.  We put relationships first.  We know each of our customers, and our customers know us.  We are always available. This is what community banking is all about.

These are exciting times at EagleBank and we look forward to you being a part of it.